• High temperature resistant label sticker is a kind of label sticker that has been specially treated to adapt to high temperature environment. Sep 21, 2023
    High temperature resistant label sticker is a kind of label sticker that has been specially treated to adapt to high temperature environment. They have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, can maintain the readability and adhesion performance of labels under high temperature conditions, and are commonly used in occasions that need to withstand high temperature environments.   The following are some application introductions of high temperature resistant label stickers: 1. Industrial field: High temperature resistant labels are widely used in the identification and tracking of industrial products and equipment. In high-temperature working environments, such as furnaces, ovens, metallurgical furnaces, etc., conventional labels are susceptible to failure or fading due to high temperature. The high temperature resistant label sticker can maintain the clear readability of the label under high temperature conditions, ensuring product identification and traceability. 2. Automobile industry: In the process of automobile manufacturing and maintenance, there is a high temperature working environment, such as engine compartment, braking system, etc. High temperature resistant label stickers can be used to identify parts, record maintenance information, and withstand high temperature and vibration environments to ensure label durability and readability. 3. Hot food packaging: In the field of hot food packaging, high temperature resistant labels and stickers are often used to mark the production date, shelf life, heating instructions and other information of food. They withstand high-temperature cooking and baking processes, maintaining label quality and readability, and providing accurate food information. 4. Chemical industry: In the process of chemical production and storage, it is often necessary to identify containers, pipelines and equipment. Since some chemicals may release high-temperature gas or become corrosive under high-temperature conditions, high-temperature-resistant label stickers can prevent labels from being damaged or faded, ensuring the safety and effective management of chemicals.   High temperature resistant label stickers are generally made of special materials and high temperature resistant adhesives, which are resistant to heat, solvents and chemicals. These label stickers can maintain stable and reliable performance in high temperature environments, ensuring that label information is not lost, and providing reliable identification and tracking solutions.
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