Custom waterproof labels custom adhesive sticker for bottle

Custom unique bottle label stickers can add a personal touch and branding to your products


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Customized high quality unique bottle label stickers




Product Introduction provides customized and unique bottle label stickers, which can be produced and printed according to customer design drafts, HP digital printing, fast delivery, to ensure your quality. Whether it is shape, color, pattern or complex process requirements, it can be customized according to the customer's brand image and product characteristics. We use high-quality materials and advanced production technology to ensure your quality and ensure that the bottle label stickers have exquisite appearance and strong durability


It has the following characteristics: 

1、Highly personalized customization: We fully understand the uniqueness of each brand and product, and carry out customized printing according to customer needs to ensure that each bottle label sticker fits with the brand image and product characteristics, highlighting individuality.


2、Durability and water resistance: Our bottle label stickers have excellent durability and water resistance, which can withstand common use environments and conditions, keep labels intact and clear, and extend the time and effect of brand display.


3、Easy application: Our bottle label stickers are designed for easy application, which can be easily applied to the surface of the bottle and ensure a firm stick that will not easily fall off or be damaged

Our Advantages

1、24 hours after-sales service

2、Small MOQ

3、Fast delivery

4、Free sample



Product Parameter

Bottle label
Copper paper, synthetic paper, dumb silver PET, white PET, transparent PET, PVC.
CMYK, Pantone color, Full color.
Variety of Effects
waterproof, hologram, die cut, High temperature resistance, transparent, gold foil, removable and so on.
Roll, Individual sheet or Die Cut.
Lead time
Normally 5-7 work days after payment and artwork confirmed.
By air, sea, international express, etc.




Product Details And Application

1、Design requirements: You can provide design drawings suitable for bottle labels, including shape, size and style, and we will provide you with professional services according to your needs. You can choose to customize square, round, oval, or other uniquely shaped label stickers. The size should be determined according to the size and capacity of the bottle.


2、Material selection: According to your preference and product type, you can choose the appropriate material. Metal texture label stickers can use metal foil, metal ink or metal film to add a unique texture effect. Matte or high-gloss textured label stickers are also available upon request to enhance the visual appeal of the product.


3、Texture treatment: You can choose the texture treatment suitable for your product style and positioning, such as smooth, textured, concave-convex, etc. These treatments can be realized through craft technology, adding visual and tactile sensory experience.


4、Durability and Water Resistance: Given that bottle labels are likely towithstand conditions such as daily use and exposure to water, werecommend selecting materials and coatings that are durable and water resistant. This ensures that label stickers will not be damaged or blurred over time and maintain good coverage.

Widely used: Customized unique bottle label stickers can be widely usedin various products, such as wine, cosmetics, food, health care products,etc. Whether it is a high-end brand or a mass consumer product, theselabels and stickers can highlight the quality and uniqueness of theproduct through personalized design, material selection and texturetreatment, attract consumers' attention, and establish a brand image.


Material and texture selection

We provide a variety of material and texture options, including metallic texture, matte texture, high-gloss texture, etc., as well as different materials such as gold foil, silver foil,metallic ink, etc., to meet the appearance requirements of differentbrands and products.


White PET material:commonly used in applications that require clear printing and high label quality


Transparent material :this material can accentuate the look and quality of the product and is perfect for displaying the liquid inside the bottle or other interesting elements


bright silver material:special material with shiny effect and metallic finish,Waterproof and oilproof, durable Scratch-resistant


Laser material:laser material has a shiny effect, and it will show unique luster and sparkle under the irradiation of light.



Special Craft

A: Gold stamping; B: Silver stamping; C: Glitter film; D: Backing Splitting



A: Precision cutting technologyB: High definition printing; C: waterproof and wear-resistant




About Us

Company environment

China, is a large label manufacturing factory. So far has more than 20 years of production experience,

we always uphold the service first, quality first business philosophy. 


Workshop and equipment

Our workshop is dust-free, clean and tidy. With advanced and efficient digital printing machines.


Packaging and transportation

The goods are neatly packed and there are various modes of transport available.

A: Single die cutting      B: Sticker on the roll      C: Sticker on the sheet


Our team and service
We are full of vitality and committed to business integrity quality after-sales guarantee. Our




What is the application of the products ?

We Customized all kinds of label stickers.

Such as Holographic anti-counterfeit stikcers,Cosmetic label,bottle labels ,food labels,gold foil stamping stickers,die cutting stickers,

warming stickers,void stickers,High temperature resistant stickers,QR code stickers,barcode stickers,Scratch silver label. 


What information need to provide to custom some labels ?

Please offer us the size, artwork, color and surface finishing of the sticker you need to make ,

and if you need our suggestion you can tell us your stickers will be used on what production,then we can give you.


Lead time ?

According your quantity.Usually our lead time is 5-7 Working Days After Artwork Confirmation And Payment Getting ,

And if you work with us for a long time we will give priority to the production of your order.


Can you offer the free sample ?

You can get free sample from our stock stickers,and you just need to pay for the shipping cost;

if you need to make the sample with your own artwork,need to pay the sample fee.


What if we found the quality problem after we got the goods ?

Our employees are proud of their work, and very few of them have this problem ,

if really have quality problem we will remake the goods for you free as soon as possible. 


Does your company is a label manufacturer or trading company ?

We are a manufacturer specialized in label printing for 20 years in China ,i believe you will be satisfied with our quality and price.

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If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.
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