Custom vinyl stickers printing adhesive label roll

This type of label is a specially designed label used to stick to the packaging of canned food.

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    $ 0.1~1.5 pcs

 Custom printed logo waterproof canned food adhesive label packaging tamper proof food safety label sticker roll



Product Description

This type of label has waterproof properties, can maintain stable adhesion in humid environments, and will not be damaged or peeled off due to contact with moisture.

It has the following characteristics:

  •  Waterproof performance: The waterproof canned food adhesive label adopts special materials and coatings, making it have excellent waterproof performance. Even in humid environments, labels can always be clearly visible without blurring or deformation.
  •  Durability: The material used for this label is sturdy and durable, capable of withstanding various conditions and impacts during the transportation, storage, and use of canned food. They are not easily worn or damaged and can maintain the integrity and readability of labels for a long time.
  • Vivid colors: The waterproof canned food adhesive label uses high-quality color ink and printing technology, making the label pattern, text, and logo have a bright and clear effect. Whether the product packaging is metal, plastic, or glass, labels can prominently display product information and brand image.
  • Easy to operate: This label adopts a self-adhesive backing design, which can be easily attached to canned food packaging, making it easy and fast to operate. At the same time, they can also be customized according to customer needs to adapt to different shapes and sizes of canned packaging.



Our Advantages

1、24 hours after-sales service

2、Small MOQ

3、Fast delivery

4、Free sample


Product Parameter

Brightly Colored Labels
Copper paper, synthetic paper, dumb silver PET, white PET, transparent PET, PVC.
CMYK, Pantone color, Full color.
Variety of Effects
waterproof, hologram, die cut, High temperature resistance, transparent, gold foil, removable and so on.
Roll, Individual sheet or Die Cut.
Lead time
Normally 5-7 work days after payment and artwork confirmed.
By air, sea, international express, etc.


Product Details And ApplicationLabel

  • Organizational management: Colored label stickers can be used to classify, file, mark files, folders, etc., to help organize and manage work more efficiently and orderly.
  • Product identification: Using colored labels and stickers on commodity packaging can increase the attractiveness of the product and enhance the brand image.
  • Reminder: It is suitable for reminding schedules, expiration dates, precautions, etc., reminding users to act in time.
  • Positioning and navigation: Using colored label stickers in office environments and other places can provide obviouspositioning instructions for easy navigation and finding items.
  • Decoration and beautification: Color label stickers have a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, and can be used to decorate gifts, envelopes, cards, etc., making them more personalized and exquisite.


Label usage effect

Emphasize the brand image: the color label can use the theme color and design elements of the brand to

enhance the relationship between the product and the brand, and enhance the brand image and awarene


A variety of materials are available

  • White pet material:It has a white background and can provide good printing effects, making the patterns and text of color labels more vivid


  • Transparent material  :Transparent material labels use colorless or semi transparent materials to make the label background appear transparent


  • Bright silver material:Bright silver material can provide high gloss and reflectivity for labels, making them shine in the light


  • Laser material:Various materials will exhibit rich and diverse visual effects under light irradiation, such as flowing light and color changes, increasing the attractiveness and uniqueness of labels



Label common material

Paper, PVC, PET, BOPP and silver foil, etc.


About Us

Company environment

China, is a large label manufacturing factory. So far has more than 20 years of production experience,

we always uphold the service first, quality first business philosophy.


Workshop and equipment

Our workshop is dust-free, clean and tidy. With advanced and efficient digital printing machines.


Packaging and transportation

The goods are neatly packed and there are various modes of transport available.

A: Single die cutting      B: Sticker on the roll      C: Sticker on the sheet


Our team and service
We are full of vitality and committed to business integrity quality after-sales guarantee.




What is the application of the products ?

We Customized all kinds of label stickers.

Such as Holographic anti-counterfeit stikcers,Cosmetic label,bottle labels ,food labels,gold foil stamping stickers,die cutting stickers,

warming stickers,void stickers,High temperature resistant stickers,QR code stickers,barcode stickers,Scratch silver label. 


What information need to provide to custom some labels ?

Please offer us the size, artwork, color and surface finishing of the sticker you need to make ,

and if you need our suggestion you can tell us your stickers will be used on what production,then we can give you.


Lead time ?

According your quantity.Usually our lead time is 5-7 Working Days After Artwork Confirmation And Payment Getting ,

And if you work with us for a long time we will give priority to the production of your order.


Can you offer the free sample ?

You can get free sample from our stock stickers,and you just need to pay for the shipping cost;

if you need to make the sample with your own artwork,need to pay the sample fee.


What if we found the quality problem after we got the goods ?

Our employees are proud of their work, and very few of them have this problem ,

if really have quality problem we will remake the goods for you free as soon as possible. 


Does your company is a label manufacturer or trading company ?

We are a manufacturer specialized in label printing for 20 years in China ,i believe you will be satisfied with our quality and price.



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